Commercial Collection Matters

Business owners provide goods and services to their customers, trusting that their customers will pay for those goods and services. Often, however, valid invoices remain unpaid despite your attempts to collect.

Before writing off an unpaid invoice as a bad debt, you should consult with an experienced commercial collection attorney. The Law Offices of Colby Lewis has significant experience in assisting business owners with collection on outstanding invoices and debts. The team works hard representing financial institutions and business owners in related matters such as litigation on delinquent loans (small collection amounts to complex, multi-million dollar loans), lender liability claims, pre- and post-judgment collection matters (including garnishment, writs of execution, and attachments), collection of secured debts, and usury claims.

The Law Offices of Colby Lewis knows that you may have questions regarding your commercial claims, and we are here to help.

Do not delay! Your rights to recover are time sensitive.

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